Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
Elder & Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Our daughter Leslie and husband Jacob came to Sibiu to visit us.  We were up till 12:35 AM Thursday morning,  July 21st where they flew into the tiny Sibiu International Airport. 

 It was a fun Sunday introducing them to the branch members.  Leslie played the keyboard for Sacrament meeting which made it high class.

Our first trip Thursday morning was to the Astra Heritage outdoor exhibit.  The weather was perfect and even though we had been there before we all saw and learned new things.  What were the poles protruding out of the top of these structures?  Unfortunately none of the hosts speak English.  They are good however at pantomiming.

 Many of the structures were moved here from their original place.  This definitely looks like a transplant.  Hope it doesn't slide down the hill.  

 We wondered if they had to mow the roof of this structure.

Figuring out how they made the roof work.

 Leslie trying out the wheel barrow.  At least that is what we called it.

 Rand won't let us miss an opportunity to photograph the horse pulled wagon.

Grapes grow all over Romania often as grape arbors over peoples front or back yards.  These grapes were growing along the roof line of this dwelling in Astra.  

Rand has a goal to build an outdoor oven when we get home.  Does this one have possibilities?

Very old Church with all kinds of ornate pictures.  They do still worship in this church.

 The first time here we were were fascinated with the wood sculptures.  

 Many unique water run wheels.  This one made textiles if I remember right.  With no instructions we tried to imagine how that happened.

 Wool cleaning machine (carding).  Not so much work if you can get the water to turn the wheels.

Log bridge, we were impressed with how sturdy it was.

 Small sunflower garden at Astra.

 Another water run wheel with ducks in the pond.

 Same wheel with the wind mills in the back ground and hand cut shingles adorning the top of this photo.  Many different kinds wind mills used in yesteryear.

Floating mill 

Flour mill hopper, Rand is pointing at the spout where the flour falls after being stone ground (stones visible just under the hopper)

So Picturesque 

 Leslie had seen this shish kabob in one of our previous blogs and wanted to experience dining at the Uruguay.  Rand and I usually share a meal and the plate with the treble and base cliff decoration was the extra plate.  How did they know Leslie and Jacob were musicians.

 Walking to Piazza Mara is the Dracula statue.

 On our way to show Findlays the church to climb the spiral staircase tomorrow while we needed to be at district meeting.

 Friday afternoon we headed to Hunedoara to visit Castelul Corvinilor.  Inside the castle is a mosaic of the exterior of the castle.

This is the spiral stairway that Rand and I missed last visit

 Which led to the wooden structure seen in this shot, the high point of the castle.

Outside view from one of the many walkways.  This would be an easy castle for the wicked fairy in Sleeping Beauty to hide herself with so many rooms, halls and floors.

 The original entry was not open last time we visited Corvinilor.

 Another view of the multiple roofs over the multiple towers

 Main Entrance as we left to find Rand and drive up the mountains to Roger's an hour away

Rand's not one to go somewhere twice.  He stayed outside the castle and had his own adventure.  There was a group there getting ready for a performance and dinner.  They wanted him to try the food so he wasn't hungry when it was time to find a restaurant.  Wished we could have stayed for the performance but we had our own program to host at Casa Rogers.  Never seen eyelashes on car lights before.

Roger in his little chapel used to teach the gospel.  We have been here to hold church before but not enough were attending to make it worth the missionaries time.  We had five however interested in seeing the movie "Meet the Mormons" which was translated last year into Romanian.  Roger is the one in blue.

Roger has the most peaceful place on earth.  As we walked back to the church this woman was milking her cows in the field above his place.

 View from across the street from Roger's.  Rand was amazed that equipment this old was still in use.

 Leslie and Rand checking out the fruit trees at Roger's.

 OK, Rand wants a better view of the tractor and bailer.

To celebrate the 24th of July we got a great picture of an oxen drawn wagon.

More of the Findlay trip to come in the next blog.

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