Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
Elder & Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Leslie and Jacob's visit to Romania continued.

Fri. night after "Meet the Mormons" at Roger's we drove to Alba Iulia so we could get an early start at "Cetatea Carolina"

Cetate Carolina is a little hard to describe but maybe this arial picture from the internet will give meaning to this place.  The maze of high walls around the area protected the community many centuries ago.

Me looking down from the wall to a floral planting of the shape of the maze.

 Last photo of me in my favorite blouse.  Later that week I washed a Kaufland bag with the whites and in spite of the small red letters on the white bag it turned everything pink.  I was so sad.

We had visited this area earlier in the spring with the missionary sisters and had fun showing the Findlays around.

 Tiny flower growing in the wall.  Couldn't pass up the chance to feature her beauty.  The wire is probably just an electrical wire.  

One thing we missed on the first visit was "changing of the guard".  We planned this trip to be there at noon for that experience.

Tourists line the street to watch the parade.

 Which included the firing of three cannon.

The guard is now changed and they are marching back - not sure where they went. 

Jacob and Leslie's main request was to see "Bran" castle.  After spending Sunday morning back in Sibiu with our church assignment we then headed for Bran, a town named after the castle.  Our little church doesn't match the grander of this church we passed on the way.  The sun glistening off the gold mirrored roof was quite striking.

Our hotel was walking distance to the castle.

Castle just as it was getting dark.

Enjoying breakfast at the hotel patio Monday morning.  We didn't realize that Monday the castle was only open from 12-4 in the afternoon.  It was a nice time to relax and enjoy the scenery.

 Leslie and Jacob heading up to the castle.  They took a lot more pictures than we did.  

 Lunch afterward was a bit difficult as so many in town squeezed into the four hour tour time were now hitting the restaurants.  Took a couple hours to finally get something to eat.  The castle is in the background if you look close to Jacob.

Back home Monday night the Findlay's packed up for their early morning flight.  The visit was over too soon.  Sad to drop them off at the airport Tuesday morning.

 La revedere

Sports night on Saturday with one investigator, two members and four missionaries.  We bring refreshments depending on who is there.  Alex doesn't want junk food and the rest do.  Alex was there so it was watermelon and a few cookies for those who needed their sugar fix.

Rand and I hanging out at sports night.  

Our seats are not the most comfortable.

Sora Savoie seems to have gotten the better of Alex 

Sunday was a much anticipated day with Pres and Sora Ivory with their daughter Faith.  have you noticed Rand and I are always on the back row.  

 So proud of Florine who was given the Priesthood today.  He will be a great asset to the branch if he keeps progressing like he has the last few weeks.  No one knew of him till he showed up at church about a month ago.  Rand and I have taken a special interest in him and he is excepting the challenge.

 The Ivorys are going to Brasov to do a fireside this evening.  Tomorrow we will drive to Brasov for zone conference so will spend more time with these great people.

In case you're wondering, wild flowers are doing well here in Sibiu.

In the fall these will make a very nice dried plant that can be used for years.  Mom, do you remember spraying some of these gold when we lived in Mt. Pleasant?  We did have them for years.  Maybe you still have them.

Zinnias are even more abundant.        

Sora Ivory gave the Sunday school lesson 

When we serve others we learn how to come back to our Heavenly Father.  
We see others through "His" eyes.  
Repentance is another key to "coming back".  
We also learn to recognize how the spirit speaks to us so we can change our corner of the world to be what our Heavenly Father has in mind.  
For some of us being kind does not come naturally but the spirit can teach us if we are open to it's promptings.

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