Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
Elder & Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission

Sunday, November 6, 2016

To David Wisehart, remember this place?  You may not recognize it.  Drove the Transfagaras highway on Monday the last day it was open to traffic till next spring.  The Sora's really wanted to see it.  The drive up was beautiful but did they see it?  About 5 feet on either side once we got above the timber line.  In this photo we saw a little more.  

 We couldn't even tell where to turn off for the lake as that road was not plowed.

These were some of our favorite picts as we drove along from inside the car. 

 Can't you just smell the decomposing leaves?

One stalwart autumn leafed tree in and among the snow covered pines

 And here we are at the famous highway and we're just praying we don't slide into the side of the mountain.

 Or off the side which is almost invisible.

 Under a bridge was the only place to get out for a photo.  We were snow blinded

 A leak in the tunnel through the mountain. We repeated what we did last time, drove the tunnel, couldn't see anything so turned around and came right on back.  last time was fog however.

 It was so beautiful and green a couple months ago

 Returning, what a relief and the view is opening up.

Retracing our tracks back down to the main highway and on to the city of Fagaras

Conners, remember this place?

Sora Gubar sitting all regal

Now, Sora Armstrong's turn.

Watching out the small window for Elder Brown.  We barely got in while he parked so he had fun shopping at a nearby hardware store.

Enjoyed this delicious meal at a nearby hotel restaurant.  One of my favorite meals.

in honor of Halloween the Soras made these cupcakes for FHE.  So fun

 Finally, a concert at the Thaila concert hall.  

 Quite elegant with two balconies 

Waiting for the concert to begin.  Are we really that old looking?  We are young at heart, at least some days.

Our concert was part of the Clara Haskil performance series.  Rand is standing by a tunnel in the foyer that used to be accessible to those escaping or hiding in the Sibiu citadel.  It is left on display near the ticket office down stairs.  Sandu Craciun told us of such things.  Interesting to see part of a passage way.

 In contrast, the next evening we went to Marcel Davis's basketball game.  We met he and his wife about a month ago when they came to church.  Marcel was recruited to play for the Sibiu basketball team from Highland Utah.

 Many of the cities have a basketball team.  Here we are playing Pitesti.  The score was close and Sibiu won in the end.

Basket ball is alive and well in Transylvania.  Sora Craciun didn't know that Sibiu had a basket ball team.  Must not be that well known.

Saturday's adventure, we were invited with the Sora's to visit the bakery where Florin works.  Here his boss is describing to us how the bakery works.

 This is traditional bread made only with water, flour, yeast and a little salt (I think).  Sounds like what the pioneers ate crossing the plains.

 Typical method for making the dough as done in a bosch at home.  This batch makes 165 small loaves.

 Heating up the  2X4 meter oven that holds the 165 loaves, about 1,000 per day are made.

 The dough is weighed, molded and put 15 at a time in each box.  When they get all the boxes filled the first box is ready for the next step. 

 This friendly baker has just remolded for the second time each ball of dough.

After a 5 minute wait this time they slice each bread on top and brush with water.

This paddle has a 10 foot handle for putting the buns in the back of the oven.  As soon as a batch is finished someone is there to deliver the still warm bread to Kaufland.  People want their bread fresh and are waiting in line for the bread to arrive.

 My new down coat.  They tell us it will be extra cold this winter and my $10 DI coat I brought from home wasn't that warm last winter and they say it was a mild winter.  Oh, they gave us bread spread with feta like cheese.  So yummy

Nice job for winter but it would sure be hot in summer.  The crust on the bread is thick and chewy.  Besides brushing each bun with water they also shoot steam into the oven just before closing the door.

 We were each given a loaf to take home. We had already been fed so much bread we were stuffed.

The famous traditional bread label.

 Florin's landlord and owner of the Bakery.  Florin is so much happier since we first met him.  He is looking forward to loosing more weight, finishing Self Reliance and preparing to go to the temple.

One of the parks we pass between our home and the church.  It has been so beautiful.  Soon it will look like it did when we first arrived last January.

John 6:35
And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.
How better to come to Christ than by reading the Book of Mormon.  We've read it twice cover to cover since coming on our mission but my favorite way to learn about Christ is  studying by subjects.  If you haven't read the Book of Mormon and would like to, you can request one by going to: 


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