Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
Elder & Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission

Monday, November 14, 2016

Our first snow on our lovely rose bush.  

Snowed most the day Sunday and by evening we had several inches that didn't melt.

Soup weather, which was perfect at Roger's house this past week.  However Roger wasn't able to come to the Branch to give his talk.  He was snowed in.

This lioness was watching me eat our chicken soup.

 Week started out Monday from our hotel in Brasov where we could get an early start doing apartment checks for the mission.

Once the Brasov sign went off the beautiful sun rise made the view from our hotel even more striking.

 The drive from Brasov to Pitesti took us through Bran and along the most beautiful road that looked down on amazing country views.  Three hours later we made it to Pitesti.  Don't ask us how long it took to find the missionary apartments.

 A stop along the way for a stretch and to buy cheese from this lady.

 Wednesday was a busy baking day.  Two pies, a birthday cake, a pot of chicken soup and a batch of bread.

 "La multi ani" is the Romanian version of Happy Birthday.  Luckily I was using frosting Danielle and Nicole made while they were here.  I spelled Jessika wrong and had to remove the "c" and put in a "k".  With their wonderful frosting the correction worked pretty well.

Jessika Coda lives with her family an hour from Sibiu.  They have never been to church here since we came.  Because they do better with the Italian language, we got the mission to order them Italian church material so they could teach their four children at home. 

 After leaving Jessika's we drove up the mountain to Roger's.  His birthday is coming up too but he really loves pumpkin pie.  We brought dinner to share with him.

 Sora Armstrong having fun keeping the dog away from the pie.

 Roger taking a picture of the pie to post on face book.

 Along with his guests.

 Roger is used to the cold.  Check out how he is dressed compare to us.  Part of the difference is his thick head of hair.

 He has such a fun yard

 And a friendly dog.

 Scenes we never want to forget driving home.

Probably it's obvious they are stacking the hay for the winter.  Takes three for this tall pile.

 Never seen such pretty moss as we avoided the freeway to drive the countryside.

 Not all farming is done by hand.  

 For our usual Friday waffle dinner the Day's showed up to collect the water filters they need for their missionary apartments.  Always fun to have guests.

 The boiler which heats the building had gone out so we were all bundled up for the meal.

Saturday's English class had four students.  Our newest student, Christina, hadn't left yet when we decided to get her picture.  She is a law student and very a dedicated learner.

Autumn leaves in the swimming pool parking lot.

 Relief Society add (before being translated into Romanian) for our cooking class Sat. afternoon.  Planning seems to always be last minute.  Branch council after the Sunday meetings for the following week may be the weak link.  After the translation the missionaries took the add to the members.  English students were the only ones that saw the advertisement in the building.  

 Relief Society class with Sora Craciun demonstrating how to make the tart.

 A good time was had by all.  Sora Doncu brought her two grandsons, Claudia is an investigator and our biggest thrill was having Sora Armie who hadn't been to church in 5 years.  Hope we can get her and her husband active again.

 My part was demonstrating homemade whole wheat bread.  So delicious out of the oven with butter and honey.  The pans here are twice as long as mine at home.  

 Claudia had three slices.

 Sora Armie and Maryanna are distant relatives.  They were excited to discover each other at our class.  Our new English student, Christina is Maryanna's niece and also attended.

 Putting the pudding, fruit and jelly on the tart.

 Finished product

Thanksgiving this year will be the Sat. after the American Thanksgiving.  Glad we got some advertising a little more in advance this time.  I guess I'm the official branch poster maker.  When I take the add to the printer they are so kind to correct any miss spelled word.  Mostly it's because my computer doesn't have cedila, hats or bowls to put over or under some of the t's, s's, a's and i's.

Today's FHE we studied my favorite chapter from the Book of Mormon, Alma 5.  

Vs. 14-
And now behold, I ask of you, my brethren of the church, have ye spiritually been born of God?  Have ye received his image in your countenances?  Have ye experienced this mighty change in your hearts?  
We had a good discussion with missionaries and the branch member, Florin sharing their favorite question from the chapter.  We all felt closer as children of our Heavenly Father.

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