Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
Elder & Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission

Sunday, June 19, 2016

 We made a good contact this week with a branch member.  Maria has struggled but we're hoping will come out on top.  She is about to open a beauty salon in her home and we were the first to be shown inside.  Missionaries have been trying to meet up with her but she has not been interested.  She asked us to pray for her that the property she inherited from her grandfather will be awarded to her this next week in the courts.  

 We didn't know where she lived.  On our walk to market we saw her on her patio.  When we waved to her she invited us in and showed us the sign that will be outside her salon as soon as she gets all the government paperwork completed.

 Another visit we made was with the missionaries to a member's home to help him write a talk for church.  He is very timid but allowed us to take a picture of the red poppies he had picked at his garden.

 The International Festival of Sibiu continued this week and we had fun in the evening checking out the crazy performances on Centru.  The Scottish band followed by dinner at the Scottish Pub.  The co-owner told us when she had time she would meet us for dinner and give us some time to tell her about our church.

 I used to want to be a trapeze artist.  Don't ask me why.  I think I was 6 or 7.

 Our neighborhood is full of families.  One thing we often see are grandparents taking the grandkids for a walk.  Most parents work and grandparents raise the children.  Many toddlers have this kind of trike we've never seen in USA.  It is a cross between a trike and a stroller as the adult has control.  The child can chose to peddle or just get pushed.  

This was the third performing group on stilts.  He didn't seem to have a special talent.  Just walked around with some of his buddies (not pictured).

The Rotary club was in Uganda and here in Sibiu.  We didn't see the Lion's club in Africa but it is here.  Rand's dad was a member of the Lion's Club in Grantsville, Utah.


Cute little Puppeteer with music to dance her little puppets to on piazza mara during the celebration

 An interesting older gentlemen's band.  The leader looked like our former Stake President, Kyle Hettinger but only from the back.  

 We thought we were coming up on more performers on stilts, not so.  

 Saturday was our hardest day yet.  Pres. Gembasu really wanted us to come to the District Family History training in Oradia.  We had two members we were taking with us and they could only get away for one day so we left at 5am.  The trainer was a guest from Germany who is over this district of Europe.  He spoke pretty good English with the District President doing the Romanian translation. Glad he didn't speak German or we wouldn't have understood very much.

 This is such a powerful promise.  We hope we can get our branch members to participate and thus qualify for the promised blessing in their life.

 The Lord blessed us and our return trip went well.  We were spiritually fed and enjoyed a lovely trip.  Glad we were now traveling in the bigger car with more comfortable room for everyone.

 I want to take pictures of all the sheep herds I see.  This one came out pretty good.

 One village we passed through is full of gypsy homes.  Never seen so many.

 First prize rose for this week.

This week we got a new manual, "Teaching in the Savior's Way".  We had just heard of it last week while skyping with our daughter Kara and I had just downloaded it from the internet.  Have been studying it and loving the wonderful information contained therein.  Since the manuals we got were all in Romanian I didn't waste paper printing ours in English.  It will be well read by Elder Brown and I.  Then this week while reading the conference talks from past years I found the talk that Elder Haight gave introducing the "Teacher development" manual.  That was something like 45 years ago.  I taught many classes from that wonderful manual as inservice leader in Primary.  So fun to make these connections and improve in our teaching ability.  

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