Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
Elder & Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission

Sunday, June 5, 2016

End of an era, Elder Hellewell will be moving on.  We have served with him for most of our mission.  He followed us from Iasi to Sibiu.  Now he will be in Oradia which is in the same zone but he will not be here to help Rand Translate when he gives a talk or conduct Sacrament meetings.

Elder Hellewell is from Orem.  His parents are in my cousin, Gary Broderick's stake.  We learned that fact on Mother's day when the missionaries were allowed to Skype their parents

Missionaries in our mission are down with 13 going home this transfer and only three coming in.  We will no longer have elders in Sibiu.  Elder Jardine is going to Pitesti and Sora Yost to Bucharest.  Sora Djabanhani is the only one that is staying with us.  She will get a new companion Monday.  Feeling sad

This is the view from our dining room/kitchen window.  We have been waiting for the sheep we heard would be brought in to keep the grass down.  Instead they cut and bailed it.  So disappointed not to have sheep brazing in our back yard.

 We were surprised when they brought in a horse and wagon to gather up the bails.

 Sibiu is a center for gypsies.  You can always tell a gypsy by their clothing. These ladies were conversing in the parking lot of the mall where we shop.

 In preparation for our Hawaiian Luau Sunday after the European area conference broadcast we went looking for slivered almonds.  I know we've seen them but could not find any this week.  Rand helped me soak, slice and roast a cup of yummy slivered almonds.

 One of Rand's jobs is mowing all the lawns at the church.  Finding a dry day gets tricky.  We pretty much do outdoor work when it finally quits raining,  good exercise.

The dutch iris are blooming this week at the church.  Reminders of home.

Bought this hat a couple months ago when it warmed up.  I wanted to be prepared to protect my nose from the sun.  Rand said my buying it caused the weather to turn cold again.  

 P-day activity was to go to the Brukenthal Museum.  Samuel Brukenthal was governor of Transylvania.  He died in 1803 so it was some time ago.  We were curious what was in the museum.  I guess you could say we were surprised it was an art museum.  That's what you get for not being able to read in Romanian.

 The sign on the side said Rembrandt.  Is it a portrait or painted by that great artist.  Samuel was very wealthy and bought many pieces of art from the 15-1600's.

 Painting of Sibiu in the 1800s.

Of course I wanted my picture by the flowers that were beautiful in the courtyard.

 Without knowing each other's plans we ran into the sisters at the museum.

 One room had stone coat of arms like the one below.  This one was more complete than others.

 Girl statue

 Boy statue both at entrance to the museum.

 Rand's favorite restaurant because it has good beaf.  Never seen kabobs served like this.

Friday instead of a waffle dinner after district meeting we had a practice Hawaiian Luau at our house that night.  I had found a web site with lovely Hawaiian music and pictures that we project onto the wall.  Elder Jardine seems to have caught some of the scene on his face.

Sat. Felicia attended 6 of our 7 English classes so was awarded a certificate.  She and her daughter Gaby and friend, Ana came to the European Area Conference the next day.  Such lovely women.

Is this what it is like when you get transferred?  

No more going out for a sandwich together

 No more translating for branch member interviews with the Branch President.

 No more Saturday Sports nights together.

We had 16 at our Branch Hawaiian Luau after the European area broadcast Sunday.  Everyone wanted to know what a Hawaiian Luau was.  Even Roger, our friend that we visit and hold firesides and sacrament meetings from UK didn't know.  They liked the food though so now they know something new.

We're slowly getting the missionary lingo down.  Good bye to our son Elder Hellewell.

 Sunday last time together as a district.

 Trip home from the church.  This row of flowers reminds me of fire.  Each rose starts out yellow but turns red in the sun.  Roses are just breath taking but I think I said that last week.

I really loved Elder Causse's talk in our area conference.  His talk was on the importance of the temple.  Originally it took him two days from France, his home to visit the temple in Switzerland.  Now, he lives where he can see the Draper temple from his home.  What great memories we have of going to the temple built in my Grandparents home town.  We have missed going to the temple these last eight months.  Elder Causse' reminded us that after baptism all those who want to endure to the end now work towards being able to make more covenants in the temple both for themselves and to do the work for our ancestors.   So glad the blessings of the temple have been restored in our day. 


  1. Love the fire roses. Sorry about the transfers.

  2. Love the fire roses. Sorry about the transfers.