Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
Elder & Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission

Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentines week so

Happy Valentines from Romania & Carrefour

European Chocolate is our favorite, not too sweet and full of flavor.

 Our building here in Arad is actually two homes connected in the center and three stories high.  The church rents both units and the bottom floor wall has been removed between them for the chapel.  At one time this was the district building so it is much bigger than is needed for the branch as it now exists.  

Last week while we were waiting out front for a package to be delivered we noticed someone had put both street names on the building which sits on the corner.  Since Str. Grivitei #58 is not the address given for mail, we're concerned that we won't get mail at Str. Eftmie Murgu #72, the official address.  The mailman finally found us the next day.

 The Timisoara building is the green house and only the first floor is used.  The owner of the building often attends our meetings but we were told she could not join the church because the church doesn't rent from members.  I hope that isn't true, we could always find another building but for that reason we were told she has not been given the missionary lessons.  

Church name signs are harder to find here than the white on black used in Africa.  This is one of the larger signs, some are smaller.

 Olga Piper's home for a visit with the Elders.  We love asking them questions about their life.  Otherwise we get a rundown on their health issues.  

Sora Piper was the Relief Society President before Sora Mogos.  We take turns visiting members with the Elders and Soras.

Drove out to the Berlan family's home again.  The Soras enjoyed teaching a receptive family the plan of salvation.  President Brown and I went for a walk so they would all have a place to sit down.  Sophia is always so happy.

 Sora Krnacs lives in Nadlac, some distance from Arad but as poor as she is comes often to church.  Riding the train and walking much of the distance.  

After showing her how to make our Relief Society flowers she showed us what she is working on when she has enough day light coming in her one window and money to buy thread.  This beautiful work is done on her treadle sewing machine as she has no electricity to her home.

 Our little project seemed to light up her day.  She said she had been depressed lately.  We left her enough flowers that she can make a bunch to wear on her warm hat.

Saying good-bye to Sora Kernac and her sister's son that she raised.

Next the Elder's took us to visit Dana Muscan.  She has three boys and is the only member in her family.  We didn't meet the husband or older son but here we have Sergiu the middle son and Luka the youngest.

 Luka is all boy and a real tease.

Dana likes living in the country but one drawback - it is difficult to get in to church to teach her Sunday School lesson.  We've yet to be in one of her classes because of gasoline issues keeping her home.

 It was a long drive to the Friday Zone conference in Cluj so we left Thur instead and enjoyed visiting with Julie DeLong and Alex Mic-Polar at a dinner the night before.  

Alex is trying to get a visa to return to U.S. with Julie who is an American citizen.  That is where their business customers reside.  They were mission companions in Hungary.

Time to kill at the mall and guess what we found?  We knew there was another Donuterie like the one in Sibiu but were surprised we found the one we'd heard of in Cluj.

Sorry we hadn't found a good doughnut shop in Arad.

Talked Rand into trying on a European cut suit.  He was sure he wouldn't like the tight pants.  These were definitely not like the tight pants some of the missionaries wear.  Looks good we thought.

Got to Zone Conference just as Pres. Ivory was arriving.  He and Rand accommodated me with posing for a photo. Happy to see the tiny church sign has been replaced with a much bigger one.

 So fun to see Sora Gubar.  Wondered if we'd ever see her  again.

 Three of these missionaries are going home next week and we've served with two of them.  Elder Cochran is from Mesa and Elder Dunkley from Logan

 Turn out for the Relief Society activity wasn't especially good Sat. but the non member who came, Lidia Bodian is now taking the lessons.  If it accomplished that we think it was successful.

There goes our diet.  Found another doughnut shop here in Arad.  It has another name but same deliciousness.

Sora Purtschert's last Sunday in Arad.  She left that night for Bosov.  We will miss her. (Soras Ana, me Adreana, Lidia, Christina, Purtschert & Olga)

 The lovely Timisoara ladies signing a "thank you" card to give their Branch president, Pres. Dunkley who leaves for home Monday.  I now know two of the four, Sora Negru has red hair and Sora Gabi is in the white sweater.  Hope to get their names learned this coming week.

 Elder Winder who will be the new Branch President and Elder Dunkley with the ladies that keep the Timisoara branch going.

 Big hug for their missionary going home.

Elder Dunkley translating for the Sacrament meeting talk for us into English.

Changing of the Guard, Dunkley to Winder.

This is the way to our favorite grocery store.  If we're on foot this sign doesn't make any difference to us but when driving we wondered why both entrances to the street have this sign.  Took the picture so we could go home and google translate it.  It didn't help.  We often run into this kind of issue in Romania.  

The Path to Eternal Life
We cannot stand idly by, being merely an interested spectator, rather than a participating member, and still receive the blessing of eternal life. It is our duty to gain an appropriate witness and testimony which will change and improve our lives for good.
Conversion and baptism alone are not sufficient to one’s assurance of eternal life. To receive exaltation in the kingdom of God, a person must abide the fullness of celestial law. (See D&C 76:50–70.)But this much I can tell you,” said King Benjamin to his people, “that if ye do not watch yourselves, and your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds, and observe the commandments of God, and continue in the faith … even unto the end of your lives, ye must perish. And now, O man, remember, and perish not. (See Mosiah 4:30)


  1. Thank you for sharing. I think Dad should get a European suit. Was great to see the people that your meeting and what is going on.

  2. I love the Carrefour and I love European chocolate