Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
Elder & Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Of course, what else do you say on your blog January 1?  

Decided to start with this picture of Florin that came out in the last blog four times in extra large.  I tried install this picture in the last blog to tell about him bringing his scriptures in the new scripture case.  Every time it would disappear.   Thinking I had done something wrong I kept installing.   I finally gave up only to find it was there after all .  What a surprise to find it anyway.  Technology not my strong point.

New years eve I took a break from working on the branch history all week to un decorate the Christmas decorations.  

 Friday we realized there would be some in the branch without family to celebrate the new years with.  We threw together a last minute party.

 Ended up we had four come to celebrate with us six missionaries.

 Rand is good at making popcorn in the fry pan, no microwave in this church kitchen.

 With practice my owl is getting better.  Most the members don't eat junk food even though the missionaries (some of them) love their sweets.  The owl all but disappeared by the end of our party.

 Was hoping to play rook again but spent too much time in the kitchen

Before the movie "Home alone" with Romanian subtitles was played.

After Sacrament meeting Sunday we had everyone stay for a picture for the Branch History.  Comparing to the first picture we took back in February of this year we had the same amount of people but not the same ones.  If we could get everyone who comes to come on the same day we'd have a goodly number.  Except for the Craciuns and us everyone else is different.

 Sora Gubar is leaving this transfer.  She was notified yesterday that she'd leave today at 3 for Oradea via Bucharest (Opposite directions).

 Every transfer brings good memory photos to remember each area by.

 This photo will go in the history with the new branch presidency dressed in their shirts and ties.  Rand just didn't keep his eyes open.  The other one they were just as closed.

A memorable group, two from Idaho, two from Arizona and two from Ukraine, Elders  Winder and Dixon, Browns, Soras Gubar and Strader.

 Florin came to say good bye at the train station.  Sora Strader will be back Monday eve. with a new companion.

 Yes, it was cold.

Sora Gubar wasn't sure she'd get along with Sora Strader.  They turned out to be a great team and grew to love each other more than they expected.  

Florin and Sora Gubar, no one else braved the cold.

 Glad the men were here to help load.  Rand does stretches every day so when called upon he won't hurt himself.

With the holidays now over Elder Brown and I have set a goal to record a tender mercy every day in 2017.  One of my favorite talks from our prophet was on being grateful.  Looking for "tender mercies" keeps us focused on the good in life so that we can be grateful in all circumstances.  Read his talk here.


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  1. I am reading this 3 weeks later. Sure glad you took these photos esp with the change that was coming up.

    Love the owl. : )