Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
Elder & Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Almost the last roses of summer.  I will miss their beauty

Wed. 28th of Sept we headed to Bucharest.  It was for a self reliance regional meeting and to get our winter tires installed.  After that the senior couples joined from both Moldova and Romania for a four day conference.

 Parking at the mission office, never enough.  We don't understand how large business offices are allowed to exist without adequate parking for the clients.

Many cars are parked illegally but if your hazard lights are on you're OK.  I think for the day.

 Rand wanted to go see some property owned by a member in the branch.  She is having quite a struggle and needs to turn this property into some kind of income.

 Her property is the last lot behind this street front property.

Oh goodness, I guess you could haul off the rubble and sell it as raw land.

 Our favorite hotel so far.  Makes up for having to go to "Buc" as the missionaries say.

We were on the 11th floor.

 Headed to Brasov later in the day. Thursday one of the senior missionaries, Elder Day pointed out that this was a major battle ground during WW 2.  Nazis stored ammo here in Romania and this was where his friend's father was killed as a bomber pilot while trying to destroy any advantage the enemy had for fighting the allies.

 This is a scene often seen in Romania.  Most we just pass by.  Would love to have gone exploring on this hill top.


Our first stop was at Biertan fortified church where our first detour was the "toileta".  Price is 1.5 lei for toilet paper.  This bathroom was extremely modern.  They aren't all worth the price we pay. 

 Check out the stone protruding from the tile wall to show what was covered up.

 Walls protecting the church inside.

 Love the autumn colors in the vines over the wall

  1490, no buildings on the American continent are this old unless you find something left over from the Indians (native Americans).

 One thing that this church was known for was the ability to store wealth.  This is the door lock behind which the gold was stored.  Wish I could remember all she told us about how this lock worked.

 Enjoying the view from the top

President Ivory taking a picture of Sora Winder and Sora Ivory. 

 It was a beautiful sunny day.

 Haven't seen a lot of red in the autumn colors.  Loved this view of the church.

  Crit Messendorf, Not sure how the mission president found this out of the way place.

 Family owned vacation home in Romania with father cooking the stew for the guests.

About 3/4 of the potato looking ingredients was a kind of dumpling, delicious.

 Rand wanted a picture of this roof structure and the grape press.

 Next stop Sighisoara one of the more famous cities to visit in Transylvania


 Of course there are many churches, this being the most picturesque. 

 Taking pictures of the church tower.

We didn't pay the 5 lei to go into the home where Vlad the Impaler was born but this was his birthplace.  Many tribute him to the idea of dracula.

Sora Jeppson, Humanitarian missionary, checking out the native costume.

Only sign we've ever seen on a piazza.  Since it is all in English we're guessing it is a very expensive home.  Who else would have that kind of money?

Left to right, Winders, Jeppsons, Edwards, Days, Sora Taylor, Ivories, Elder Taylor, Rand and I, Alemans in front, Vogelsburgs, Coolies and Majorans.

Lovely accommodations for our travels.

Elder Coolie checking out the hat he just bought at Bran where the castle is.  Sora Edwards getting a good laugh at him.

Bought this hand made tablecloth from this lovely saleswoman.  Her family makes beautiful handmade runners and tablecloths.

Many of us had been to Bran castle so didn't pay to go in again but I enjoyed walking around the grounds at the base of the hill.  Quite a picturesque place for wedding photos.

As you can see the city of Bran capitalizes on the Vampire, Dracula idea.  Tourists have a lot of fun here.

Sat. night our last hotel.  This was the fourth hotel in four days and I sure had a hard time remembering what our room number was.  Here we are at a ski resort  above Brasov.

President Ivory knows missions can be hard so he made certain we had a needed rest.  loved the jacuzzi.

Oh, "hi".  Our patio is next door to the Majorans.

Many of us went on walks.  There were a lot of hotels and businesses the other missionaries checked out but Rand and I chose the trees and forests.

Yes, up here it is autumn.

One wall in the hotel had this nature display.  These weeds grow all over Romania.  Someone decided to take advantage of free material.

Sunday found us at Brasov church to watch General conference.  Here the women are watching the Relief Society session which Rand and I had already watched since it took place a week ago.  The men were in the Priesthood session both sessions being rebroadcast for our convenience.

This is the week Rand finally got his permanent crown on his front tooth.  These sun flowers are growing across the street from our dentist.  They are the same kind they grow in fields for sunflower oil.  Reminds me of our flower garden at home.

My favorite quote from general conference:

Sharing the restored gospel is our lifelong Christian duty and privilege.  Elder Quentin L. Cook reminds us, "Missionary work is not just one of the 88 keys on a piano that is occasionally played; it is a major chord in a compelling melody that needs to be played continuously throughout our lives if we are to remain in harmony with our commitment to Christianity and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We learned this week that Rand and I are going to be great grand parents next April.  I guess we should announce first that our grandson Chase and his wife Tiffany are expecting.  Now our son, Andrew is going to be a Grandpa.  That sounds like we must be really old.

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