Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
Elder & Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission

Monday, September 19, 2016

President Brown is full of ideas for helping this little branch progress spiritually.  He noticed that no one brings their scriptures to church.  Some of course use their electronic devises but most don't.  We always have to get out scriptures for Sunday School and no matter how much he has encouraged them to bring their personal scriptures it hasn't happened.  New idea - the Relief Society to make everyone that wants one a scripture case.  Will that make a difference?  We'll see.  

The Relief Society President has a sewing machine.  It cost her approximately $100.  Rand decided we would buy one and with two machines we think we can pull this off.  We bought a german made machine that I'm learning to use.  When we go home we are planning to donate it to the branch if we don't think of a better use.  So excited to do a little sewing in my spare time.  I have a lot more spare time than Rand does.

 Lidle is a grocery/variety store that has specials.  We just happened on the week the sewing machine was being carried.  We bought the last one.  Thanks for prayers answered.

It sets nicely in the living room where most people keep a TV

There are no patterns in Sibiu, I know, I asked.  Was told they are available on the internet.  So invented this simply designed bag of waterproof material.  Cost will be under $3 per bag.  If my machine won't sew the straps on we have a professional seamstress we can pay to do that part.

 Flowers in the front yard are still breathtaking.  Last week temperatures during the day were in the high 70's, low 80's.  Predictions this week are mid 60's so the flower flourishing time is coming to an end.  So sad.

 Zinnias and marigolds are outshining the roses.

 One of the biggest celebrations for Sibiu is the "Media Music awards" for Romania broadcast from Piazza Mara.  We checked out the celebration but didn't stay.  The crowd was bigger than any we'd ever seen.  Music not really our kind but it sure was huge for Sibiu

Piazza Mica had two cars ready to drive in with the music award stars.  If we had understood the language or knew any of their stars it would have been more interesting to stay.

Simona is one of our two advanced English students.  (Florin didn't make it to the first lesson).  Our format has changed drastically.  Professional curriculum writers and senior missionaries in Moldova, the Cooleys have standardized all the lesson so that we now have a 20 week course instead of 4.  As transfers come up the new missionaries can step right in and keep the same students learning for a much longer time.    The course is computer interactive which has been easy for us since we have our own laptops  The Jr. missionaries have found ways to teach without using the computer.

We found the first week we needed more material and liked the part of our last lessons where we learn the vocabulary from a story.  After reading the story we discuss it.  Our students are proficient in English and mainly want to practice what they already know so that goes well.  Rand suggested we take excerpts from the book Pres. Ivory wanted us all to read, "How to Win Friends and Influence People".  It has worked out perfect with the first two classes.

 Still beautiful out at Johnny's parents, the Cernats.  Autumn leaves this year are turning brown instead of pretty colors.  Here we thought we'd get to see the pretty autumn leaves.

 Cernats tells us in two weeks the concord grapes will be perfect for harvesting.

 They already taste delicious

They also tells us this unusual fruit that we've never seen before will turn orange.  It is hard and needs to be cooked to make jam.  We each sampled the jam.  To me it tasted sweet with no definite flavor of its own.

 Can't help taking a picture of this lovely yellow daisy bush outside their main door.

 Cernats always let Rand scavenged through the raspberry bushes.  They are producing again and the best tasting so far this year.  Sora Armstrong likes them too.

 Bunches of yellow wild flowers through the country side on our way back to Sibiu.  These sunflower like flowers do not have a brown center.

 The no name sun flower has more a yellow center and grow tall and gangly.

Here is what's happening to our last zinnias of the summer.

It's better to remain Silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt.  

English thought for the week while studying words in advanced English with silent letters.

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