Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
Elder & Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Not sure why such a serious face.  Not good at selfies, what can I say.  Takes too much concentration.  Monday we took time to go to the Sibiu Historical Museum that Sandu pointed out to us last week.

We weren't sure if we were allowed to take pictures.  Many places charge extra on top of entry fee.  The nose on the head at the top of the chair was worn light.  How many have sat down and got jabbed in the back by a nose?

 Snuck another picture of this bed.  For once, this one looked comfortable.

 Tried really hard to get the open mouth of the snake being held by the bird.  I had finally found out it was ok to take pictures.

 portable barrels for shooting - bigger than a rifle barrel.  See the tripod in the picture on the wall.  Barrel is prompted on that for shooting.

 Bigger barrel/cannon for shooting these round rocks.  Anyone know how they made the rock so round?

 Life size horse with armored man.  How they ever fought in this get up is pretty amazing.

 We think this might fit Rand.  Well, maybe if he lost a few more pounds around the middle.

 This stone carving was called "David in the lions den".  For once they wrote a sign in english.  I don't remember scriptures saying the lions ate Daniel's hands off though.  

 Just as we were taking a picture before leaving the museum . . .

 We ran into the Soras with one of our really good friends, Gabby.  Her mother took my beginning English class.  Gabby came to one of the last classes and has been taking the missionary lessons ever since.

The Germans who demonstrate their trade this week were working in metal and stone.

 Friday night at the "Festival Medieval" we found the two stones.  Surprised that the carvings turned out to be the sides of a bench

The middle of the week we wondered what was coming up on Piazza Mara

 Watched these men building log cabin style buildings.  There must have been 20 or more.



A Trojan horse?

 Trailer appears to be carrying some sort of huge bug.

 More buildings depicting a castle wall and gate.

 At this point we don't know what we are in for but hoping to find someone that could give us the details.

All I want for my 70th birthday is a new front tooth.  The one removed was really old, probably 35 years and looked bad.  These dentists have a practice close to us in Selimbar, Daniel and Alena

 Hope the temporary doesn't fall out cause would look kind of scary.  They are really tooth artists.  Rand's mouth looked beautiful again.

 Sora Savoie and Sora Chandler singing a funny Birthday song to Rand on his birthday.

For Rand's birthday we went to Piazza Mara for the "Festival Medieval".  There were several countries being represented besides Romania.  Hungary, Bulgaria and Spain to name a few.     Below a real/fake battle took place.

 The women did more civilized things.

 The ram rod was made of some sort of Styrofoam. 

 Do you see the potato on a stick on the counter.  We were fascinated with how they cut it in a spiral then stretch it out on a stick then it was deep fried.  The lady is handing a done one to a customer.  Looked a little soggy so we didn't buy one.

 Getting ready for the parade.

 Children had a ball acting up on this stage built just for them.

 Many come to see the performances.  We didn't hear this girl play her flute.  So much going on.

 This falcon or hawk seemed to like the audience.  I noticed before I got too close that he was tied down.

 We think each country had their own tent where they got dressed in their native costume for the parade.

 Trying to decide which shield to use.

 Little girl in pretty fancy face paint.

 These two horses were hooked to a wagon ready to take flowers somewhere.  Just my kind of pose.

 The leader of the parade with a pretty loud blow horn.

 For Rand's birthday we finally bought one of these sugary breads cooked on a rotisserie, a Hungarian food.  We have had our eye on this ever since Iasi but finally bought one.

 Because we're trying to stay healthy we bought a small one to share.  Glad we did cause it was very filling.

 Watching the baker wrap the bread around the spindle to cook over the fire.

 All these little log cabin's have been rented out to retailers.  The reason we took this picture is that the horse is moving into position, pulled by several men.

 To big to go through the gate.  

 Waiting for the performance.  Hope that blade is screwed tightly in place and doesn't accidentally fall.

 Happy Birthday President Brown

 This was the best picture we could get of crazy fire breathers.  They carried some sort of bottle with alcohol that they put in their mouth then spit into the air while waving their torch over them.    They even stood in the fountain and blew flames sky high.

 Got too cold Friday night to stay for the horse performance so came back Sat. when the horse was out and about much earlier in the evening.

 Horse is led through the crowd by these folks on stilts waving flags.

Big audience with phones out to take pictures. 

Finally we meet up with Sora Lanute.  Her boss had her working all the time and she is so happy to have some time off to come to church.

Roses are still big here in Sibiu

 Yes, she made it to church.  Such a sweet lady.  

It's transfer time and today after church we had dinner at our house.  Sora Savoie will be going to Brasov and Sora Armstrong just arrived from Cluj.  She will be Sora Chandler's new companion.  We're looking forward to the new missionary and wish Sora Savoie new and great experiences in her new assignment.

 Saturday we got a surprise.  These three elders showed up for a few days.  Elder Jardine served with us a transfer ago.  He will be going to Chisinau, Moldova.  Elder Purcell will go back to Pitesti and Elder Jerome will be here with his new companion, non other than Elder Swafford.  He's the one we first served with when we first came to Romania up in Iasi.  He will be here on Wed.

 This has been the Sibiu missionaries for the last two weeks after Elder Jerome was reassigned after Elder Soelberg went home.

Rand called the man over facilities last week to see if it was OK to buy a small table to put the projector and computer on to show church videos for English and Sunday School class.  Pres. Fotea said he had a profession tripod that he would send us.  

Today when I taught my first Sunday School class I felt so professional to have this new piece of equipment with electrical hookups and adjustable shelves for both the computer and lap top.  It wasn't really a tripod (forgot to take a picture).  But you've probably seen a pole with five feet and two shelves that can be moved in any direction and takes up less than a chair width.
My lesson was on "Teaching as the Savior Taught" and we actually had two investigators that never stay actually stay and participate.  

Teaching as the Savior taught needs to include these elements: power of the Holy Ghost, the promise of your calling and setting apart, prayer, love, talents and experiences along with the word of God found in the scriptures and latter day scriptures.  How blessed we are to have all of these items available for our use when we teach.  We need to not forget to seek them and give ourselves time to prepare.  Good teachers give the Holy Ghost time to teach them.  I like to have at least a week in preparing to give a lesson or talk.  Oh and remember, God will qualify you for your assignment even when you don't feel qualified.


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