Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
Elder & Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission

Sunday, May 15, 2016

I think we are stuck in the rainy season.  Nothing above 70 degrees and often only in the low 60's.  These are the flowers out front I mentioned last week.  We went from blue to pink.  

These cute little faces are out of place.

In case you missed them.  A volunteer springing up between the brick and the metal foot cleaning grate.

Sometimes I think of the members of the church as beautiful flowers finding the true gospel among all kinds of challenges.

Monday's FHE was held strictly by Elder Brown and I with  three branch members.  None of the missionaries could come and it worked, Yahoo.  Two members spoke English: Cami & Eugen and they translated for Alex when he didn't understand.  Eugen was very disappointed as Monday night is his night to play games with the Elders.  He was surprised that we all played the game he brought with him after the lesson.

English classes started up again.  It's always a challenge preparing as we don't know who will show up and if they've taken our class before.

These ladies were all new.  What I added new to this class is writing.  We then played the game, "who can write the most words" in 30 seconds that no one else wrote.  The missionaries translated the rules of the game for me and they got it.  I was so proud of them.

Cami invited me to walk with her at the park.  We found a time that was not rainy and it was so beautiful.  Rand has gotten himself into lots of study for branch issues so nice to not be stuck where he was.  We gave Cami two more lessons on self reliance this week so that she would be prepared for a job she hopes to qualify for next week.  She is a very talented lady so some of the classes she really didn't need.

Remember this problem from last week?  After the top cupboard fell down on the sink then onto the floor with the sink being propped up where it was knocked out of the existing cupboard the proprietor ordered all new cupboards.  Ana & Ion had told us we would get a new kitchen in the summer.  The old cupboard had some really bad mold and deterioration of the counter so bad that we kept it covered with a towel.  

 Thursday we prepared to have the new kitchen installed.  We were surprised how quickly they were able to get it all put together.

 When I took these pictures the installer in orange asked me if I was going to post on Facebook?

 Placement of the stove was shifted to the wall so now we have a very lovely long counter.

 With new configuration of cupboards it took us a while to decide where to put things.  Now we just need to remember where we put everything.

 Finished product.  It is so much nicer with a marble like counter.

 We're still not used to how beautiful the right of the sink is where the mold and broken wood counter was.

Where do you go when the kitchen is torn up?  We finally found an oriental restaurant.  Excited to see if it measures up to Ling Lings in Uganda.

 It was good and the waiters were oriental too.  Don't see much of that race around here.

Another "Warrick Conners" add similar to the one we saw in Iasi.  Cute little guy advertising heavy construction equipment.

The Sister missionaries ran into some members of the church touring here in Sibiu.  They gave the Sisters 50 lei to take us all out for doughnuts.  After English Sat. we went.  My selfie skills aren't very good.  Rand, on the left, is almost invisible.  The doughnuts here are delicious, not too sweet with plenty of different flavors.

Went to get my hair cut all by myself.  Rand remembered where the shop was and I got the ladies name and number from Alexandra.  I called and with Alena's English I made the appointment, then took a drawing of how much I wanted cut off.  I think she decided to style it more than I had in mind which I really liked.  At first I was a little concerned having told her to cut off about 1/2 inch when I could see that some of the falling hair was at least 1 1/2 inch long.  I will definitely go back.  Sora Djahanbani, Elder Jardine and I wearing our matching green outfits.

At District meeting the Elders told us that the mission/district was sending us translating equipment for the church meetings.  As we discussed this a package came to the church.  Much to our surprise it was the equipment.  So nice to have Sister Yost translating for us Sunday and no one was annoyed because she could whisper very quietly and not disturb the speaker or teacher.  Sister Yost was thrilled to be able to use the equipment.

Saturday night I finally got to talk to Mom.  I had tried calling her all week but unsuccessfully.  We had a good visit even though it was almost a week since Mother's Day.

So proud of Eugen who came to church and put on the white shirt we had at the church for him and the tie we gave him for his birthday.  Rand had told him he couldn't administer in the Sacrament ordinance unless he wore a white shirt and tie.  He blessed the sacrament and looked so good.  His parents hate that he is a member of the church and he says he doesn't dare leave home looking like he is going to church.  So sad. 

The District President asked us to give talks from the Gospel Essential Sunday school manual.  Sister Djahanbani gave her talk today on the Faith in Christ lesson.  Then in Sunday school Elder Hellewell gave his lesson from Gospel Essentials lesson manual on Faith in Christ.  What, how did that happen?  I decided it was wonderful that we got two different perspectives of a most important aspect of the Gospel.  May our lives this week reflect our Faith in Jesus Christ.

Alma 32:21   And now as I said concerning faith -- faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true.


  1. I love your pansies and flowers. It looks like you had a great week.

  2. I love your pansies and flowers. It looks like you had a great week.