Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
Elder & Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission

Friday, April 15, 2016

 Lots of Easter baskets with candy and toys being sold here,           same as at home days before the actual holiday.  Mika is everyone's favorite chocolate.  Carrefour retail store featured this full-size cow in their Easter display.

Our Family Home Evening is picking up.  Here we are three members to 6 missionaries to one investigator (Camilla plans to get baptized no the 23rd).

 Two letters mailed.  I've learned to write addresses small because the stamps take up a lot of space.

Hope the postal box doesn't tip over.

Taking a new way home we were intrigued with their gardens.  The vegetable beds are slightly raised with ditches for rain run off.  Not a problem we have in Phoenix

 Two days with a lot of rain made things pretty muddy.

 We'd like to find someone who could tell us what the plastic bottles of yellow liquid along the fence line were.  This wasn't the only farm that had bottles of something.  Some were smaller jars and some were much larger than these.  Now if we spoke their language we might have an easier time getting answers to our questions.

Ate dinner at Camilia's restaurant.  She is the cashier at a fast food restaurant.  She is so excited for her baptism in a week.  Hope her new job doesn't get in the way.  She doesn't have a set schedule yet and is a new employee.

Opposite angle from the above picture.  Interesting mural on the wall.

Shopping at the grocery store has been easy here and the produce excellent.  We hadn't worried about finding a local market.  Here is one we found close to the post office.  They are selling food in season so there were lots of radishes and green onions.  Everything else was shipped in.  Did buy some dry prunes that were delicious.

          Family trying to get somewhere on a very rainy day in a wagon.

April showers Bring May Flowers, except that it is still April.  The tulips are/were beautiful.   Today we had quite a wind and many tulip petals blew away.

Found a little extra time to climb the tower you see here.  It is the second tallest in Centru.

Entry to winding tower stairway.

Bumping your head was an issue.  We both had trouble cause the tendency was to watch your footstep.

Display on our trip up on one of the floors of the large and small centru.  

 We were told that all missionaries want to take home one of these bread mixing bowls.  There are much smaller ones that you might get in your suitcase.

Looking down on road that goes under liars bridge

 Looking down on where we parked our green car and I took a picture of Rand and the tower we climbed.

We have a busy weekend so wanted to do a post in case we run out of time.  A couple times I've done the post on Monday but we are going to Bucharest next week so that most likely won't work out.  I'm going to be giving my first talk in sacrament meeting.  I had to get it written so  Elder Hellewell could look it over and be ready to translate all the words as I give the talk.

I was assigned to do the spiritual thought this morning at the district meetings.  I took my thought from lds.org "how to Pray in a Way God Can Answer".  In combining what "I want" with "what God wants for me",  you come up with a way God can answer your prayers with this formula.  

My desire + "But if Not" + A Godly Desire = Praying for Something God can Grant.    

Example:  Dear Heavenly Father please bless me today to find those whom you are preparing to hear the gospel, but if not, help me to be patient and have a good attitude.  The whole talk is powerful and can be read at:


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