Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
Elder & Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 27, 2016 was our last walk in Iasi.  We will miss walking around such a beautiful town.  We can walk anywhere we want to go.

We had never noticed the
main steeple of the Palas
has a clock facing every
direction.  Each clock
gave a different time.
Once we noticed the clock it is now more obvious. 

Doina and Pati are members.  The younger two will be taught by the missionaries as a family home evening.  The puppy was the new addition to the family and was hard not to play with.  Doina is taking our Self Reliant Business course.

Taking pictures to give the mission for inventory.  We'll miss our
fun attic apartment.

Cheerful bathroom!
It also has a skylight.  Ever seen snow on a skylight?

The clock fell off the cement wall several times.  
The last week we finally got the landlord to drill a hole that would keep it from falling again.

We left the Iasi Branch a gift.

The page number board faced the speaker and was not visible to the congregation because all walls at the front of the chapel were windows or too small for the board.
Elder Brown found a bracket that would face it toward the audience and at the same time not block the workings of the window treatment.
So proud of my handy companion/husband.

Day of our moving was as warm as 52 degrees.  

It dropped down to 48 degrees
 high in the mountains at a ski overpass.  
We often compare our temperature to our favorite spots on earth.
Kirkland is not visible but appears below Abilene.

Mistletoe aplenty in these trees.  
We find it quite picturesque.

Stopping to see a fish farm.  Besides raising fish they also smoke and sell the fish.

Fires for smoking the fish.  Fish hang in the black barrels.

Wood for the smokey fires

Rand making friends at the fish farm.

We bought a few fish.  
Good but not any better than than fried trout at the Holyoke cabin last summer.

Fish are displayed on something that looked like a snow shoe with green pine bows tied on.

Name of the farm

Heading up the mountain to the pass

Canyons get narrower and narrower.

The tall peak had a cross on it that didn't come out very well in the picture.

Inspite of the warm day and good roads the water falls were frozen icicles.

Romania in the country side

Ugly communist apartments did not make it to the Country. What a blessing.

Just getting dark when we see our first sign telling us which road to Sibiu (pronounce letters CBU with emphasis on the C)

Not everyone travels around in a car here.

Red onions for sale.  
We didn't have room for another thing in our car but Rand bought a small stem.

Leslie and Lyle Bair, the couple we'll be replacing at the church with Elder Brown

Last district meeting with these great missionaries. Elder Oak will be going to Oradea and he will be replaced with our own Elder Hellewell from Iasi.  Elder Hubbard the concert pianist will stay along with the two sister, Yost and Treabas.
                           At the Piaza with sister Soberg and I.  Sister Bair showing us Sibiu.

I had them take a picture of our grandson's mission country.  
Go Chase

Bridal party taking pictures on the robbers (or liars) bridge.  If you were convicted you got thrown off the bridge.  Why was that bad?  The sewage ran under the bridge.

The branch clerk Sandu and Alexandra Cracium  the RS president.  They are the only married couple in the branch and speak English well.

Elder and Sister Soberg are the senior couple in Oradea.  
They came to town to oversee the branch audit.
Sister Soberg was born in Romania, married
to an American.

Eating out with the Bairs.  They know how to show you a good time and all the best places to eat.

Dinner at Benjamins.  Earlier we ate at New York

It's been a long 24 hours.

Elder Brown with the Craciums  and Pres. Geambasu of Romania West District Presidency.  He came to install Rand as the Branch President, taking Elder Bair's place.

Movie night with the investigators many who were here earlier for English.
  The Bairs have developed quite a turn out with the help of the missionaries.

We showed the movie of Joseph Smith's life then Sister Bair bore her
testimony to the truthfulness of the movie.

Picture taken after the movie of the Bairs who go home this week and the Browns who have another year plus.

Tomorrow is the last day before transfers and this district made great strides in teaching the gospel in Sibiu:  Sisters Yost and Trebas, with Elder Oak and Hubbard standing in front of the church with the Bairs.

Sora Doncu with Brother Toma and Mihai.  Mihai loves to garden.  Need I say more

Elder Hubbard at the piano.  He is quite the accomplished performer who showed us his youtube performances of his best.

In front of the church are some flower beds.  Can't wait to plant flowers as soon as it warms up.

Elder Brown in his new chair behind the desk of the Branch Presidents office.
We had 24 at church today.  4 were investigators we met last night from YA activity.

In my testimony today I told the congregation that I was so grateful that my ancestors who lived in Europe listened to the missionaries.  They believed their message, were baptized and migrated to America.  They taught their posterity the gospel.  It has made such a difference in my life and the life of our children and their families.  I bore my testimony that Joseph Smith restored Christ's church in full back to the earth. We pray that we can all stay faithful and endure to the end so that we can all be together in the next life for the eternities with our Savior and Heavenly Father.


  1. Quite an adventurous week you had. Stay healthy and enjoy the adventure.

  2. Quite an adventurous week you had. Stay healthy and enjoy the adventure.