Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Elder And Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
Elder & Sister Brown to the Romania/Moldova Mission

Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1,  2015 greetings from Romania.

We are loving our bedroom view of the skyline and like
Alma of old wish we were Angels with the trump of God to
Cry Repentance to the good people of Iasi
Or at least convince them to take the missionary lessons.

Our week started out being invited to Sister Lidia's for lunch
She lives on the sixth floor and there is only
space for three in their scary elevators.
No one in America would 
claim ownership
to this
You have to close the doors (2 sets) yourself.  
If you get it wrong
you could be stuck in it as we were.
By bouncing between floors we finally got it to open
on the right floor.

Sister Lunt examine the gorgeous h' ourdervs (sp?)
They were as delicious as they looked.

Sister Lidia is famous for her beautifully set out meals

Elder Swafford and Elder Chatteron are our fearless leaders

Good-by pictures with Sister Lidia.
She is one of the oldest members in Iasi.  
Others have joined then moved to other countries
because of better work 

Frozen vegetables at the grocery store.  We would have
had unthawed veggies as this store was a long
ways from our house either walking or driving.
Driving is difficult because many streets
are one way so walking is sometimes the best option.

frozen raspberries, our favorite

Highlight of the week was the Halloween party

held Thur for all members, investigators and English class participants

The only women who came dressed was a sister in the ward who 
wanted to be a gypsie

Sisters made an amazing spider web in the 
corner leading up to our apartment

Pres. Petelawn was so pleased with the turnout 

Jack-o-lantern carving

Minute to win-it games were a hit

Plenty of pumpkins to make into jack-o-lanterns

no halloween party would be complete without the hanging doughnut eating contest

Musical chairs won by the only child at the party

Jock-o-lanterns complete with candles

Elder Brown with a member, friend and BYU student working at an orphanage

The English students really enjoyed wrapping their teachers
in the mummy wrap 

Christmas cactus, a touch of home
growing in our kitchen window 

Elder Brown found the only Chiropractor in Iasi.
There must be a reason he keeps having back problems.
He gave the practitioner a Book of Mormon and 
Proclamation on the family

Outdoor farmers market in Iasi just across from Chiropractos

Julie checking out what looks to be a long beet

It was Halloween, is she dressed to be a gypsie?
probably is a gypsie

Gypsie wagon in down town Iasi

Across street from the market was Snelgroves, Cash and Carry
This store is a cross between Home Depot and Walmart
Upstairs I heard the announcement, "Halloween extravaganza"  
A bunch ofchildren dressed in costumes had come to watch the magician

Saturday beginning English class

The sisters do a great job helping mostly non members
learn to speak English

We were finally able to get the hang of the grocery baskets.
In Romania if you want a grocery basket you insert a coin which 
unlocks the basket.  After using the basket you reinsert
the chain and get your coin back.
It took us a week to realize that they didn't keep the baskets locked up
so you couldn't have one.  Then we thought we had to pay
to use them not realizing you got your money
back if you reinserted the chain.

We had a "break the fast" with the other missionaries Sunday.
We were excited to cook them a roast not realizing
how few choices they had in beaf.
Sis Brown followed the recipe closely and thought roast turned out delicious.
We also found a pie pan and made an apple pie

Sisters brought the potatoes and carrots and elders brought a
fruit salad.  Fun sharing together

Surprise of the week
Rochelle showed up at church.  She is an exchange student
from South Dakota.  She lives about 2 hours from Iasi and
this is the closest branch to where she is going to school.
She has been in Romania three months and already speaks very well.
Wish Elder Brown and I could pick up the language as quickly

Mission President asked the missionaries to read the Book of Mormon in 12 weeks.  We got here with only three weeks left.  I have been reading at least 10 chapters a day and hope to meet the goal.  
What a blessing it has been to have the time to read the whole book so quickly.  
So thankful for this opportunity.
If you aren't reading in the Book of Mormon every day I challenge you to do so.
My testimony is that it will bring you such peace and understanding of why we are here, 
where we came from and where we are going.
Thank you Pres. Ivory

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